霍根学校以提供最好的导师而自豪, 使用领先的课程材料, and offering student services who are always just a click or call away. Month after month, our teaching team receives rave reviews from their students. All of our instructors are eager to answer student’s questions or to assist you in your educational and career goals. 阅读更多best365娱乐官方登录best365娱乐官方登录的导师下面.


自1971年以来担任REALTOR®,Jim也是一名房地产投资者. As an educator, he has helped “billions” begin and sustain successful real estate careers. 他的大门永远为任何有问题或寻求建议的人敞开. He and Curtis Hall developed the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council’s “HAFA Short Sales: US Treasury, 房利美和房地美项目,” course and teach Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) designation classes throughout Arizona & 夏威夷. Jim was one of the first educators to be awarded the Real Estate Educators Association’s Distinguished Real Estate Instructor (DREI) designation. 2002年,吉姆入选REBAC名人堂. In 2009 Hogan School received NAR’s GREEN Resource Council’s “Provider of the year” award. Jim serves on many committees with ADRE and is called upon frequently by the legal community as an expert witness.阅读更多


拿到房地产专业的副学士学位后, 里克自1975年以来一直是一名活跃的经纪人, 在威斯康星州和亚利桑那州都持有驾照. He’s been involved in many aspects of the industry including broker office management, 创业公司, 土地开发, 新屋建筑 & 销售, 投资房地产, and was recognized as a top ten 销售 agent Nationally over multiple years.  在他职业生涯的这个阶段, he enjoys being able to pay forward some of what the industry has blessed him with.  His interests are 飞行, martial arts, scuba, reading, and his 10 grandchildren.阅读更多


作为指定的经纪人和自己公司的所有者, 在图森房地产行业有超过19年的经验, Cheryl brings her skills and knowledge as an active agent as well as a Trainer, 认证导师和教练. She has been with Hogan School as an instructor since 2005 in continuing education and now recently with pre-licensing. Cheryl has served the Tucson real estate community as a member of the boards of the Tucson Association of REALTORS® and the Arizona Association of REALTORS® and has been a Guest Speaker for the National Association of REALTORS®. She has also served as President for the Tucson Chapter of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. 谢丽尔的人生哲学是继续回馈社会, help agents grow their own business and provide clients the best customer service possible.阅读更多


乔治Cardieri is a Senior Right of Way Agent and Project Manager with Acquisition Sciences, Ltd. Salpointe的毕业生 天主教高中和亚利桑那大学, George began his Right-of-Way career as an agent for the Arizona State Land Department in 2007. As a consultant he has completed over 300 acquisitions on behalf of numerous public agencies, 包括ADOT, 图森市, 皮马县, Marana镇, 萨华里塔镇和图森电力公司, 他管理了50多个住宅和商业搬迁. George has worked on numerous local transportation projects including the Ina Road and Prince Road Traffic Interchanges, 格兰特路, 百老汇大道, 霍顿路, 银铃路和橘子路. 阅读更多


BJ·吉本斯在亚利桑那州做了13年的房地产经纪人, 也是一名执业律师, 在不动产法律领域执业, estate planning, and the formation of corporations, LLC’s and other entities. She specializes in working with real estate investors and with residential developers and builders and other large entities. She has been the acting President of two local HOA’s and teaches classes for local financial planners on the importance of estate planning.阅读更多


珍妮在德克萨斯大学获得了海洋生物学学位 & 加尔维斯顿M大学. 她在西雅图生活和工作 在华盛顿呆了3年, 后来她搬到了圣地亚哥,在那里的船上工作, 让孩子们了解海洋和海洋生物的重要性. 海滩和海洋时光对她的生活至关重要. 在这里出生长大, 这里是她的根据地, 2001年,她搬回图森,加入家族企业. 自2010年以来,她一直负责管理该办公室. In 2017 she decided to keep the legacy moving forward and started teaching.阅读更多

William Anthony Ims, MBA, REALTOR®Emeritus

加州有执照的REALTOR® & 阿斯利康,比尔在美国为best365娱乐官方登录的国家服务.S. 是圣地亚哥市场的顶级生产商 and as a result was invited to teach at the Anthony Schools in California. He has won multiple awards and in 2011 was designated REALTOR® Emeritus. 在业余时间, Bill Ims can be found “on stage” performing at the Historic Star Theatre, 或主持各种社区活动和慈善活动.阅读更多


George bought his first rental house in 1991 and has been involved with Tucson real estate ever since. In 2001 he sold out his half of a successful fund raising firm and became a 房地产经纪人. 乔治拥有亚利桑那大学的学士学位, 历史悠久的教学和公开演讲, 他把自己的“工作”时间分成房地产和软件设计两部分. 他的“乐趣”时间都花在了潜水指导上, 大量的志愿者工作, 飞行, 骑摩托车, 和旅行. 你可以在http://georgejenson上找到乔治.com阅读更多

理查德•Koevary ABR

Richard has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis. 他来自纽约, Richard’s first involvement in real estate was in California in the early 1970’s. He has lived in Tucson since 1984 and is the President and Responsible Individual for Blue Sky 抵押贷款, 公司. In addition to conventional financing, Richard buys, sells and originates private loans. He has been teaching licensing and renewal classes at Hogan School since 1990 and has been involved in hundreds of Tucson real estate transactions. Richard’s hobbies are dancing Argentine Tango and road racing sports cars. Please learn more about him and “like” his facebook page: BlueSky抵押贷款Arizona.阅读更多


贾斯汀是马萨诸塞州人,但自2002年以来一直住在图森. He enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor sports such as tennis, basketball and hiking. Justin has been a Realtor since 2014 and has specialized in residential realty during his time in this industry. 每年都能完成100多笔交易, he has developed invaluable knowledge of the purchase contract and processes and loves to provide advice and service to consumers in their pursuit of their real-estate needs. 阅读更多

弗兰克·摩根,SFR, Cert. Res. 评估师# 20903

Frank has lived in Tucson since 1972 and enjoys our beautiful Sonoran Desert. 弗兰克有洛约拉大学的学士学位 Marymount大学(1992), 亚利桑那州经纪人执照(2013年), 自1998年以来一直是亚利桑那州的持证住宅估价师. Frank has owned his own independent residential appraisal firm since 2006 and is an Associate Broker with a local firm in Tucson. Frank served for two years as President of the Real Estate Appraisers of Southern Arizona (REASA). Frank enjoys spending time with his wife Kris and his two college-age children, Chloe and Robert.阅读更多